Using identity to enable buildings to adapt to people.

We Identify People in Motion


Our revolutionary identity in motion product identifies people as they walk past a sensor at full walking speed, enabling frictionless identification. The founding team has spent the last decade building and deploying large scale biometric identification systems in the Middle East for the Department of Defense and are bringing their expertise to the commercial market to provide security, access control and VIP customer experiences to the commercial market.


How it works

  • Users walk past our system at a full walking speed, without having to slow down or look at the camera
  • We acquire a face image and match in half a second (a blink!)
  • Once the user is matched, a wide variety of application-specific actions can happen
    • A ticketed user is allowed into a venue
    • A bad actor is identified and security is alerted
    • A door or turnstile is triggered, allowing access
    • An entry is made into a time-tracking system for hourly workers
  • Enrollment into the system is just as easy - users simply walk past the sensor to be entered into the database