Supersonic Startups: The Techstars Music Class Of 2018 Unveiled

Blink Identity is proud to announce it has been accepted into the Techstars Music 2018 cohort. Techstars is the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. The program was announced in Forbes:

Last year, in a world that saw the release of the $999 iPhone X, one of the most talked-about devices in music circles was the Mighty, an $85 streaming player about the size of a half dollar coin. The tiny dynamo earned a slew of press coverage, and now, perhaps something even more valuable: a spot in the Techstars Music Class of 2018.
This year's group consists of 10 startups--revealed here exclusively by Forbes--and spans a wide range of music-related fields. In addition to audio playback (Mighty), the roster touches biometrics (Blink Identity, Endel); artificial intelligence (Edison. AI, SecondBrain, Spark.DJ); ticketing (Hello Tickets, Seated); and streaming (Gimme Radio, Soundcharts).

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