Blink Identity is a small, venture backed startup that is upending the traditional access control industry. The Blink Identity security gateway allows live entertainment venues or festival  management to identify people using our proprietary facial biometrics as they walk at full speed past our sensor in any lighting condition. Once inside, event goers can use their face – literally – to  buy drinks, swag, enter VIP areas, and more. The company has secured an initial partnership with Live Nation/Ticketmaster, the world’s largest entertainment company, to leverage early pilot programs in the live event space.

Interested in working for us? Here’s what we’re looking for:  

You have experience working in and enjoy a startup/ small company environment, and are comfortable performing multiple roles while staying organized and efficient.  Your verbal and written communication skills are well honed, and you can prioritize deadlines while keeping a focus on ensuring project requirements are met. 

We’re currently hiring for: